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Buying a Mini Goat


Please read our Terms of Sale if you are considering purchasing a miniature goat.

To secure an Australian Miniature Goat from our stud please contact us with your details. You can reserve a little one with a deposit or simply let us know what you are interested in and add your name to our list to avoid disappointment.


As most of our Does are friendly our kids are also friendly and well mannered.  Kids are handled and taught manners at an early age.
A bottle baby is a kid goat that has been taken from it's mother between 3 days to 2 weeks of age.  We do not as a general rule bottle raise our kids. If we do bottle raise it is deliberate for approved people who want the experience of raising the kid themselves.  At some other times it is necessary due to a death, not enough milk from the mother goat (Doe) or the kid is rejected. The kids are hand raised then on the bottle using the Does milk, UHT goats milk or a milk replacement.

More Information


See the below links for more information on bringing up a miniature goat

Miniature Goats are often sold before they are advertised.

Miniature Goats Australia Association ( has a list of breeders in your area. Email a breeder with all your details and what you are looking for and ask to be put on a waiting list or for more information.  Most groups will have a list of breeders on their website or you can contact them direct.

Let the breeder know... How many you are looking for, what sex you are wanting, whether you want adults or kids, if kids – do you want to bottle raise or do you want the breeder to do this for you (there maybe extra fees involved), what colours do you like, ask about transport, ask when your pet might be available, jot down what is important to you!

It is very important that you ask the breeder about the kids diet before you bring them home.  Different feed,  pasture/weeds, different amounts of feed and even different a type of water i.e: tank to bore can start a goat scouring.

Legal Stuff


You need to check with your local council to ascertain if you can keep a goat on your property. Some councils require you to apply for a permit and others don’t – variations are seen from State to State.

All livestock in Australia require an NLIS approved ear tag attached to the goats ear. In Victoria you will need an electronic tag.

The Department of Primary Industries need to keep track of animal movements in case of a disease outbreak.

In all states, even one single goat, cow or sheep means you need to obtain a Property Identification Number (PIC).

PIC numbers are free in Victoria and can be obtained over the phone with your local Department of Primary Industry office. Some other states could charge a fee per year.

If you transport goats anywhere you will also need to purchase a book of waybills. This is a book you will need to transport your goat from your property, even if just out for mating or going to the vets and/or a show. You must fill a waybill in and this document travels with your animal/s.

Failure to do this will incur a large fine.



We recommend neutered males (Wethers) for people wanting pets
Price: from $350 each.
Wethers do not smell and are not aggressive.  They do grow bigger than the females generally but are very soft-natured and loving.

We recommend female goats if you want a smaller pet as an adult.
Prices: from $850 each.
Does also make lovely pets and if you are thinking of breeding then Does would be a good choice for you.
Bucks are only sold to registered breeders.

Buyers Beware!


Some people advertise goats as miniature goats but they are bush goat babies (rounded up and snatched off their mothers), cross breeds with no miniature background or just babies of the larger breeds.

There has been an influx of small goat breeds from overseas imported to Australia.  Some are pure and some are not so pure.  Ask for DNA test results if you are unsure of what your goat breed is, don't take someones word for it.

A registered Miniature Goat Breeder will have a registration certificate for the Sire and Dam to confirm the lineage of the kid you are looking to purchase.  Of course adults will have their own pedigrees.  Breeders must give you a copy of the animals certificate and a receipt of purchase.  

If you are going to process the transfer of the goat to your name you must receive a signed transfer from the breeder but good breeders will do this for you. 

You can check if the breeder is a financial member of an association by looking on the various miniature goat associations websites or emailing the Association direct.

It is never advisable to buy from a Fete, Market or Pet Shop as you do not know what conditions the goat has been in and therefore do not know what disease it may bring to your property.

All goat owners are required to have Property Identification numbers (PIC) and identify their animals in accordance with the NLIS system and should be ear tagged prior to your purchase. We also strongly recommend that goats purchased are tested for CAE and Johnes diseases.  Again ask for documentation to prove testing has been done.  A list of names with ear tag or registration ID AND lab results are needed to be sure.

Please read our Terms of Sale if you are considering purchasing a miniature goat.

To secure your new mini family pet contact us with your details. You can reserve a little one or simply let us know what you are interested in. Add your name to our list to avoid disappointment.

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