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Our Show Team

We love to show our goats to the public and other breeders.
It is a great past time where we get to chat to the public, other breeders and look at different breeding lines.
It takes hours to ready the goats with bathing, trimming, shaving and clipping but it is a nice time to spend one on one with your goats.
Some goats actually love the fuss and in the show ring they stand up with a 'look at me' attitude, others would rather be home in the paddock and wonder what all the fuss is about.

To have a judge reward your hard work and award you a ribbon and/or trophy is very exciting.
A goat is awarded points for winning various sections and when they reach 100 they are bestowed with an Australian Champion title which is added to the front of their name.  This is a prestigious title and one most show goers hope to achieve.

There are many displays of miniature goats around Australia at Fetes, Festivals and Agricultural Shows.
Mini goats are also taken to kindergartens, play groups, schools, retirement villages and special needs homes for education purposes and to spread the word about these glorious little animals.

We have added some photos of our favourites

Bally Park Rebel

Rebel was not only an integral part of our herd for 4 years but a member of our family. A one in a million buck who was just a sweetheart, who has left big hooves to fill.

His only son at our Stud; Aadorable Above & Beyond (AB) has been height certified at 53.5cm and so we hope he will follow in his sire's footsteps. He is a lovely boy who still has some maturing to do but so far we have been very happy with his progeny.

Read Rebel's story here.

Australian Champion Harrison Park Miss Kelsy

We are so thrilled to announce that our beautiful doe Miss Kelsy has attained her Australian Champion title.

Harrison Park is our former stud name. This amazing little doe has wowed goat breed judges from SA, QLD and VIC. Five different judges over 5 years having been awarded Supreme Goat In Show by three different judges.

Miss Kelsy has also been judged by her peers of which one was a Supreme Goat In Show Award.

This doe has progeny in the ring who are also doing very well. 

Harrison Park Miss Precious

Miss Precious is Miss Kelsy's full sister who as a Junior in 2015 won Best Doe in Show at the Adelaide Royal.  Miss Precious went on to win Best Adult Doe in Show  in 2016 and also Supreme Goat in Show also at the Adelaide Royal Show.

We are very pleased with the stunning offspring she is producing.

Read her write up in the Stock Journal.

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