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Feeding Your Goat


Contrary to popular belief goats do not just eat anything and can actually be fussy eaters. Goats are inquisitive so will try most things, sometimes those things can make them very sick and some can even kill. 
Goats are foragers/browsers and require a balanced diet of:

  • fresh grass

  • weeds

  • good quality lucerne/grass hay and

  • a small amount of grain.

Native tree branches and vegetables can be given.

See here for information on what not to feed and how to recognise if your goat has been poisoned.


Goats have a high mineral requirement so will need a mineral block or some added minerals to their balanced diet. Depending on State and circumstance, each breeder feeds a little differently so it is always best to ask the breeder you buy from what they feed their animals.

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Native branches from wattle, acacia, grevillea, tea tree and meleluca trees and some garden prunings such as roses, and day lillies, willow trees, Olive, Pear and Apple prunings are also good. Goats will eat young gorse and love blackberry.

Silver beet and/or spinach, pumpkin, apple, pear, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, parsley, beetroot tops and grated beet, corn (in small quantities but no cob or it can get stuck) watermelon (minus the white part), grated carrot, banana skin,sultanas, muesli, and bread (all in moderation of course) will be enjoyed by your goat.

When changing your goat’s diet do it slowly over a day or two – most things in moderation are good. Lucerne hay can also be fed during winter and times of poor pasture growth or when you need to add a bit extra to their feed.

Always feed your goat/s off the ground. A motor bike tyre makes a good bucket holder. Hay should also be kept up off the ground DO NOT use horse string type hay feeders as goats can become tangled and choke themselves to death.

In winter soaked barley will keep help keep your goat in good condition.  Don't over feed grain, 1/2 cup every second day is what we feed.

Seaweed meal, dolomite and cider vinegar are also very good for Does when they are in kid or if a goat needs a higher plain of nutrition. Molasses is also a good source of energy, especially in warm water after a Doe kids but ensure you don't give on a regular basis or your goat will scour.

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