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Our handsome boys!


Boys will be boys right?  In goats this is definitely right.

Bucks (entire male goats) smell when they are in rut (mating season).  They pee all over their front legs, head, in their mouth (yes eew!) to attract the girls (Does) who apparently find this sexy!

Bucks can mate from 4mths of age but just because they can doesn't mean they should.  The harder you work/use a buck the shorter his life span can be and his health can suffer.

We start our boys off usually at 18mths of age.

Young bucks are started with older does as they tend to stand well having done it all before, which is great for the gung ho young fellow.

Bucks should be taught basic manners at a young age.

Wethers are castrated boys and they do not smell and do not get only eyes for the ladies.

Need help deciding whether a doe or buck would be better? Check out our FAQs.

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