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Our beautiful girls!


Female goats are called Does, sometimes Doelings which just means they are young Does.

Does can mate from an early age, some as early as 6mths.  Does are in kid (pregnant) for approximately 145-155 days and can be mated whilst feeding their young so bucks should be kept separately.

We do not join our Does until they are 18mths of age or more depending on their size.  Does can be mated 3 times in 2 years but we prefer to mate them only once a year.

We know all our girls well and they know their names; they are all very individual - they can be bossy, shy, cheeky, mischievous, needy and so funny and loving.

The Does kid (birth) their young usually without too many issues, twins are common, triplets also.

Need help deciding whether a doe or buck would be better? Check out our FAQs.

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