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Miniature Goats as Pets


Goats are wonderful pets for all ages, especially children. Unlike some other pets, they don’t bite or scratch and don’t kick.

You do not require any special skills to be able to handle these gentle little animals.

Miniature Goats are de-horned at a young age, to reduce the risk of accidental injuries to their owners and themselves.

Miniature Goats are known to be well suited to anyone who needs a gentle pet that is calm and friendly.

Mini Goat kids and teenagers will follow you around like a puppy and love to go for a walk on a lead or just keep up with you.

They love to bounce and play and are a constant source of laughter and enjoyment.

As adults they are extremely relaxed and will happily adapt to most situations.Goats are a herd animal and require company to be happy and healthy so as not to be noisy or demanding.

Whilst they prefer company from another goat they will bond with other pets and livestock in some situations.

You should be aware that sometimes animals just don’t get on so you need to watch the animals when they first meet and socialise them with supervision.Goats will spend time playing with each other when you are not around.

They will be less demanding of your attention and less likely to be frightened if they have a friend to share with..

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