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Aadorable Mini Goats

Welcome to our website we hope you enjoy meeting our amazing little friends.
Australian Miniature Goats are funny, friendly little goats for the whole family to enjoy.

We are the oldest Australian Miniature Goat breeder in Victoria and actively promote the breed.
You are welcome to visit our stud, please 
contact us to make a suitable time.


Things You Need to Know


Considering buying a miniature goat? There are a few things you should know before making your purchase. Click the link below for  more information about these adorable animals before you decide.

Our Kids

2017-09-17 14.30.55.jpg

Want to see more of our stud goats? Click the link below to see all our bucks and does doing what they do best! There is also some information about showing and our winners!

Authentic Australian Miniature Goats

We breed true blue Australian Miniature Goats who have years of miniature genetics behind them and Australian bush goat heritage.

All our goats have pedigree certificates and are registered with Miniature Goats Australia Inc.

We are proud to be foundation members of Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc  

Our entire herd is tested annually for CAE and Johnes diseases.


We are pleased to recommend

Whispering Plains Stud -NSW

Briar Rose Stud -SA

Benclue Stud -SA

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